Need Help with Bedbugs - Buy DDT Online ?

Lately it seems more and more people need help with bedbugs; as this old bane of mankind has returned with a vengeance; after being mostly absent from late 20th century life.

Bedbugs were largely eliminated in the 1950's with the introduction of DDT, a powerful insecticide. However it was banned in the 1970's, and bedbugs have made their way back into the lives of many unfortunates.

Can I Buy DDT Online ?

* Not really. It is still used in many parts of the world; but locating it on the internet is difficult.

Many people are desperate to get rid of these pests, understandably! Modern insecticides are fairly effective when applied correctly; but are not nearly as effective as DDT. Since it can't be bought in stores in North America or Europe, people wonder whether they can actually buy DDT online to help with bedbugs.

It turns out that there are definitely mixed opinions about this potent and cheap insecticide; and there is controversy over just how bad DDT really was for the environment. There are those who say that millions of people have died unnecessarily from malaria due to this ban on the chemical's use.

It's actually possible to make your own DDT; but a moderate comfort with chemisty is required; although the process is not that complicated. It's actually one of the simplest insecticides. The ingredients and instructions can be found via a google search. But remember, it's pretty toxic!

Before trying to make or buy DDT , online or otherwise, first make sure you have taken the basic steps to get rid of them. There's some good advice in this very dramatically made documentary.



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